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Tell a Tale is a unique blog where writers from all sections will come and share their stories. Stories that talk for themselves are worth reading. Reading and writing go hand in hand, we all know that. This is a platform not only to share our stories but also to read others’ so that we learn and move ahead. This is where people share their writes and reads others. This unique because it lets you tell your own story – in your own words!

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Writing is passion for some while for some it is profession too. Many of us are not professional writers but then, all of us want to write. Writing is common among us.
And hence, our motto: Write On!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week # 2: (continue story)

One who reads will be read – one who mere writes may not!

Prompt for Week # 2:
Writing stories on a single word is much easier than continuing with a story itself. This week we will try to do that tough thing and see how well we come victorious. So, here is the first portion of the story. Read it and write in its continuation:

“The mouse clicked. The email was sent. He took utmost care in drafting the email and spent hours reading and re-reading it; but then, there was a mistake. A mistake he could not have done…”

NOTE: Please do not link your websites/blogs here. Link only the latest post, which should be a story written on the prompt here. Abnormal links maybe removed.
Also, please use the prompt badge provided above in your post and link it to Tell a Tale.

Word Limit: 300

Points: 1 point for each participation.

Write On!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week # 1: (anything)

Welcome to "Tell a Tale - a Space to Share"

Prompt for Week # 1:
This is the first week of Tell a Tale. Hence, the writers are free to write a story on anything they wish to. The topic of the story can be anything. Let us get the first impression of your writing skills here.

Word Limit: 250

Points: 3 points for each participation.

Write On!


Friday, March 13, 2009

The first post!

Hello friends. First of all, a very warm welcome to “Tell a Tale – a space to share.” This place is created for you – for you to share your stories and read others who share theirs. This is an attempt to bring together the immensely talented bloggers who write stories and find very little exposure. This is in hope that more people we share their stories and even more will read and enjoy the creations segregated in the world of blogs.

The first prompt will be posted in the coming Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Stay tuned!

It will be nothing without your participation. It will be an earnest request to all the bloggers to share their stories here in regular basis to share and entertain the blogger family. And for sure, this will attract higher traffic to your individual blogs. Looking forward to a huge participation!

Write On!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Contest Rules

General Contest Rules (To be followed strictly):
  • Anyone can participate; however, regular participants on Tell a Tale will have an extra edge as the participation points (from the Leaderboard) are considered.
  • The Contest is on writing stories, so all the Entries should be necessarily Stories.
  • The Contest prompt needs to be strictly followed.
  • The Word Limit needs to be strictly followed. A Story should be within 700 to 750 Words (if not mentioned otherwise). Please note that any pre-script or post-script would be counted.
  • All the stories need to be in English (only).
  • A picture may or may not be used in the individual blog, but that would attract no additional marks while judging a story.
  • The author would write the Story in his/her own words and post it in his/her individual blog. The author would then link the specific story (no links to the base blog) in Mr. Linky in TaT.
  • Once after linking, the author would send a copy of the story in Microsoft Word Document (Doc) format to: storyteller0001@gmail.com. The mail should also have the authors name, place and date. The subject line should read: TaT Contest Number X (X being the number of the Contest on TaT).
  • The email should be sent within the cutoff date and no further entries will be entertained.
  • An entry once linked and sent to TaT may not be revoked or replaced.
  • A Complete Entry, that follows all the above rules will be considered. If any rule is broken (even by mistake) the entry may be rejected. Please take your time before sending in your entry for the Contest.

Judgment Procedure:
The following picture shows the various judgment procedures. Please check for the different categories, segments of the categories and marks and weighted marks allotted for each. The picture is self explanatory. (Click to enlarge)


  • There will be no monetary rewards/benefits of any kind for winners (as of now).
  • A winner badge and participation badge will be provided, that can be pasted on the individuals’ blogs.
  • There will be three winners and two consolation prizes (Chosen by the judge(s)).
  • There will be one Reader’s Choice (Voted through email) award.
  • For the Readers' Choice Nomination, the readers may send an email to the above ID with the name of two authors and their stories in proper order (e.g. Story # 1: Ms. AA; Story # 2: Mr. BB). Votes of only the participants will be considered.
  • The winners will be listed and mentioned in due time (declared later).
For any further query, please contact Story Teller at the above email ID.
© Story Teller, 2009. All rights reserved.


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