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Thursday, June 4, 2009

TaT Contest # 1: Readers Choice Votes

Well guys, the TaT Contest is over now. Happy to announce that we have 12 Contest Entries which fulfilled all the requirements as mentioned in the Contest Rules, posted earlier. Three among these 12 Stories will be the winners of this contest and there will be two other stories which would be awarded consolation prizes. That’s the work of the judge(s) and you need not worry about the same - be assured that the stories are in good hands.


Well, it is time for you to be a judge here. Apart from the winning awards, there will be a Readers' Choice Award too. That makes Six awards in total and it is possible that six out of the twelve stories win this contest.

To affect the Readers' Choice Award, YOU need to vote. Please read all the Stories listed below and choose the best two, as you feel. Send an email to storyteller0001@gmail.com with the name of two authors and their stories in proper order (e.g. Story # 1: Ms. AA; Story # 2: Mr. BB).
NOTE: Votes of only the participants will be considered.

Here is the list of Stories / Writers who participated in TaT Contest # 1:
1. Amias: When I Grow Up
2. Kuyerjudd: The Unlivable Dream
3. Tasneeem Najmuddin
4. Old Grizz
5. Pisku: Come and remind me
6. Roshwrites: My Childhood Dream
7. Christopher Poshin David
8. Anna (Ofira Sephiroth)
9. Princess Sonshu: The Dream Came True?
10. Quirky Mon: My Childhood Dream
11. Dee Martin: Stealing Time part 3
12. IronGirlTraveling
/ Tele King: Still deciding what I want to be when I grow up

NOTE: The stories listed above are in sequence of the stories being mailed to us. The Stories that does not have a link along with them will be updated once we get the exact link from the writer. We have tried our best to get the links of the other stories, but we could not find the same for these. Rest assured that we have received the mail along with the story.

A Word From Story Teller:
I enjoyed hosting this contest as much as you guys must have enjoyed participating in it. Thank you all for making it this big. I hoped for a lot more participation, seeing the number of posts in the weekly prompt; however, we need to move on with whatever we get.

There were a few unfortunate irregularities during the Contest which made Mr. Linky Widget unavailable during the contest. Hence, the judge(s) have agreed to skip the rule of linking the story from the original blog and have considered all the entries that failed to link. Remember, the 12 Entries we have here are those which have met all the Contest Rules. The rest had to be removed for the sake of the contest and thinking of other participants who spent time to get to know about TaT Contest Rules and then participate.

I insist you all to read the above stories and cast your vote and elect the Best Story under Readers' Choice. Please do not worry about the Contest Rules when you vote. You vote on your liking and understanding of the story.

Again, a big hug and a bigger "thank you" for participating in the contest and promoting Tell a Tale.
Write On!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Contest 1 Closes

Thanks all for participating in the First Ever TaT Contest. The Contest is hence closed now. There will be a post tomorrow about the participations. Please keep a track of all. The evaluation will be on from now. The Readers Choice will also come into effect. Stay Tuned for the next post!

No More entries will be accepted!
No Prompts for this week.
Best of Luck to all the participants.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TaT Contest # 1: My Childhood Dream

(Picture Source)

Contest Prompt: My Childhood Dream
Word Limit: 750
Contest Start Date:
May 6, 2009
Contest Closing Date: June 3, 2009

Please make sure that you participate before the closing date. You have got 1 full month's time. There will be no further prompts during this time on TaT. Do read other participants' stories too and encourage your friends and colleagues, whom you know to have a good hand in writing to participate. Remember, this is the first Contest at Tell a Tale and (probably) hence, is open to all.

You have ample amount of time. So, please take as much time as you want to, to write, post and link your story. Please have a thorough knowledge of the Contest Rules before participating. Incomplete participation will not be entertained.

I would like to wish all of you all the very best.

Write On!


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