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Tell a Tale is a unique blog where writers from all sections will come and share their stories. Stories that talk for themselves are worth reading. Reading and writing go hand in hand, we all know that. This is a platform not only to share our stories but also to read others’ so that we learn and move ahead. This is where people share their writes and reads others. This unique because it lets you tell your own story – in your own words!

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Writing is passion for some while for some it is profession too. Many of us are not professional writers but then, all of us want to write. Writing is common among us.
And hence, our motto: Write On!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Contest 1 Closes

Thanks all for participating in the First Ever TaT Contest. The Contest is hence closed now. There will be a post tomorrow about the participations. Please keep a track of all. The evaluation will be on from now. The Readers Choice will also come into effect. Stay Tuned for the next post!

No More entries will be accepted!
No Prompts for this week.
Best of Luck to all the participants.


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